Hello, my Name is Ellen…

… and I have not been knitting for 15 days.

Seriously! Even though I am much better, I am still struggling with being tired. I have decided not to fight it this time and when I am done with my work in the evening I sit down and read or watch TV and do not knit. I am just too tired.

It does hurt a bit, I have to admit. This is the crafty season after all and I would love to decorate the house with handmade trees and knit mittens, hats and scarves for friends and family. And then there is the sweater that I started in August…

There is one thing I have managed to do: After hearing about it from Heather I bought the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and have tried many recipes. I will tell you all about it  when I have more time. One thing is sure, though: their recipe for Granola is even better than the one I have been using. You can  find it here. ( Pour it in a pretty jar, tie a ribbon around it, add a wooden spoon for scooping and you have a nice gift. This is the season after all!)

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