Trying to get back

Last night my brother went back home after having  spent 2 weeks with us. This has left me not only with questions like “When will I see him again?” and “I wonder what he’ll do next…” but also with an empty guest room. This room, which we call the green room, is  where I set up space whenever I can.

room-002_edited.jpgWe have a laundry room, which is fairly big for that purpose. It is long and narrow and I have set up my sewing table on the other end. The problem starts when I want to do a bigger project. I put fabric, cutting mat, buttons, interfacing etc. on every surface including washing machine, dryer and ironing board.  And then I shuffle things around and misplace everything. The hardest part for me is that I can never take a step back, to find out, if a design idea is working or not.

When my husband built a guest room I was delighted. But the truth is, that this room is a guest room in every sense. Which means, even I can only be a guest in there.

Whatever I set up in there is only temporary and needs to be room-001_edited.jpgput away or moved whenever the somebody else needs to use that room. Fair enough, but today I couldn’t even find some of the things that I need. I suspect they are buried behind the Christmas boxes. I hope, I’ll find out soon!


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