Finally Some Progress


This is the third design that I have tried with this yarn. It is going to be a pair of socks for myself.

At first I had some very pretty Fair Isle patterned cuff that was supposed to be knit sideways. After that I had planned to pick up stitches on one edge and continue down the leg in the usual manner. But as it turned out I had not considered how much the top edge would curl. As it had already taken me quite some time to get that far, I did not have the strength to start the same thing again with a garter stitch edge. 

So I started design #2 with the same Fair Isle motive, but this time with a regular ribbed cuff. Well, I could not get it over my heel. Duh! (That is why I wanted to knit it sideways in the first place.)

Breathing deeply I frogged back last night and started this slipped stitch pattern from Knitting on the Edge. I like how the pink yarn is nestled in between the green just like some beads would be.

The pink yarn is my own hand dyed in the colour way “Love Letter”. I had it left over from a pair of socks that I have made for my daughter H. The green yarn is Gems Opal, that I bought at a local Fibre Fair last year.