Introducing: “My” Salina


Many months ago I asked in a Knitting forum which knitted sweater they liked to wear most. Somebody suggested Salina by Kim Hargreaves from Vintage Knits.

I bought the book and decided to use the wool/cotton blend from Shelridge Farm in the colour “Denim”. It is very soft, has a bit of variegation to it and knits up well.

I have made quite a few changes to the pattern. I actually used a sewing pattern that I had drafted for a well fitting sweater for myself and changed the knitting pattern accordingly.

I have kept all the design elements like the moss stitch bands and the collar, except for the fold up sleeve cuffs.

I have added darts in the back and changed the shoulder line completely. (As you can see in the picture my shoulders are not straight, far from it. When I wear store bought clothes I often have a wrinkle starting from my shoulders going down my chest.) I also added some embroidery in running stitch.

I am very pleased with how this sweater has turned out. It wears and washes very well and I have gotten many compliments for it.

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