How I Got A Dress Form Part 1

Last year I was sewing a top out of a slippery fabric. The front alone consisted of three pieces. Two pieces for the top half that were supposed to overlap and then one for the bottom half of the front. It did not fit. So I ripped it, redid it, tried it on and it still did not fit. After I did this several times, I finally had enough. I went to my husband and asked:”Do you have plans for next Saturday?”

I wanted to make this. I put on a fairly tight T-shirt and my husband started wrapping me. It was a very funny! After a while it felt quite tight. I think, he wrapped me three or four times. The difficulty is to create nice curves and not to flatten everything. What a relief when he finally cut me out!

During the next stage everyone had to put on Mom’s body. What a sight: A 5 year old with a silver grown-up torso! After that it went very quickly. My husband sealed the bottom with cardboard, put a stick through it and filled 1/3 with construction foam. The rest we filled with packing peanuts. I put in a hanger and we taped the back seam shut. We mounted the whole thing onto a little foot stool and put it in a corner overnight.

I kept looking at it. I had lost some weight and a couple of dress sizes but my double had quite a belly. Then I had an idea. I dressed the doll in a bra and a skirt that was a bit loose on me. The skirt did not fit and the bra was hugging empty air. What a relief! I measured myself and the dress form and compared. Starting from the sternum, going down my belly there was a difference of up to 2 and a half inches! Fighting the tight wraps I must have “inflated” my belly! Using a carpet knife I cut out a wedge and taped the seams together. Then I filled out the bust with polyester stuffing. Now it looked like a good copy!

While working on this the doorbell rang. It was my friend. We chatted a little in the entrance when she suddenly said:”Your dress form looks great!” Puzzled I turned around. From where she stood, she could clearly see the doll, dressed in a bra and a skirt, even though it was standing in a room on the other side of the house! I was so glad it was her and not the mailman!

To be continued……..

If you want to see a glimpse of it, look at the picture of Salina.