Some FOs

Look what I had for breakfast:blog230107-003_edited.jpg

 This is the Berne Brot from this book and it tastes simply delicious!

I also finished my socks last night. The green yarn is Gems Opal and the pink is my own in the colourway “Love Letter”. The garter stitch slipped stitch pattern is from Knitting on the edge. I really like how these socks have turned out: bright and cheerful!


I also received a big yarn order yesterday and have already started dyeing. The first colourway is in spring colours and will hopefully brighten up somebody’s spirits!  I have also dyed one skein that I still had from my previous order. The colours are so bright that I called it Bite Me. I did a little experimenting with this yarn and dyed it striped, but the stripes have all different widths. You can find it in my Etsy store.

I hope it is not raining where you are!