We had such a wonderful afternoon at the beach yesterday. It was quite chilly, but the sun felt so good! I have been really busy dyeing my yarn and have done very little knitting. ( I have replaced my TV knitting with reskeining yarn…..) But these are the projects I have been working on:


This is supposed to become the Perfect Pie Shawl from Weekend Knitting. I have a completely different gauge and have cast on twice as many stitches. I am not sure if I will make 5 wedges… The yarn is Misti Alpaca that I have overdyed.


This is going to be a Rescue Hat from Knitting Rules. I am not sure if that kind of hat will look good on me, but I need something warmer than the little Scullcap that I made a few weeks ago. The yarn is my own hand dyed superwash Merino in cobalt. 

Have a nice Sunday everyone!