This Is How


This is my notebook that I use for dyeing my yarn. I got the idea from Eunny. I bought some cardboard, cut it to size and covered it with fabric. I bought these rings, that have a hinge so you can open them up. I forgot what they are called. I punched  three holes in each and framed them with eyelets. These I had leftover from a sewing project. I filled the book with blank paper.

On the first page I noted down how I made my stock solutions. Which powder I used, if it is a 1% or 2% solution and how I mixed those to get colours like blue-violet or red-orange. Then I made a list of the dyelots I wanted to make. All the other pages are filled with notes about the yarns that I dyed. I wrote down how I did it and added short pieces of the yarn to it.


I then realized that it was helpful to add dates to my notes. I now can keep leftover dyes in a jar, add a date to it and know exactly which colour that mixture made.

In the back I added a pouch for my receipts and graph paper to keep track of my expenses and sales.

I really like how this notebook turned out. It is not as sturdy as a normal book, because the rings let the cover slide around a bit. On the other hand it is flexible enough to take all my clippings without complaining. It is a nice record of my work.