New Project


My Goddaughter is turning 2 in a month. I have asked her Mom what she would like. As it turns out: a hand knitted sweater. Well, that is what the Mom would like. Maybe I should also get a toy for the little girl?!

Last night I set down with some crayons and tried to figure out what I wanted to do. It will be a simple drop sleeve design with rolled hems. The main colour is going to be butter yellow, with pale pink stripes. The sleeves will have apple green stripes. I want to throw in  the odd pink or green stripe. I plan to accent the cast on and cast off edges with bright pink.

On the picture you can see what I have got so far. The yarn is 100% cotton from Sweaterkits bought at Knitopia in White Rock. They were out of the green, but the owner ordered some for me. In about an hour I will meet the little girl and hope I can measure her waist and arms…. 

I ripped the whole pie shawl and started over with a wool yarn. It looks very nice and I am in the 2nd wedge. The wool is much easier to knit with than the alpaca, so it is going faster. But I will do one wedge and the edge in alpaca. So far so good….