More Coffee, Please!

This is the latest status: the girls are sick, my husband is sick, my son is tired and so am I! ( Wish me luck!)

However I managed to make a table runner yesterday.

I bought blog120207-001_edited.jpgtwo sets of dish towels, each had one white, one light green and one dark green towel. I cut up one of the white towels  in rectangles, turned down the edges and sewed them onto the green towels. 

Then I opened  the seams of one of the shorter edges on each of the darker towels and both short edges on the light green towel. I sewed the towels together using a flat fell seam. 

That is when you trim one seam allowance and fold the wider allowance over the narrower one, iron it towards the narrower side and edge-stitch it down. This makes a tidy and sturdy finish.