What To Expect

For my etsy store I dye variegated, striped and transitional yarns. 

Before I dye my variegated yarns I wind them into very long skeins. Then I mix the colours until I get them just right. I dye the yarn applying the main colour in long sections with the accent colours in smaller sections in between.

When this yarn is knit, the accent colours seem to appear randomly between long sections of the main colour.

An example is a hat that I have made with my sport weight yarn. The colours are different shades of cobalt with white accents. 


In the colour way “Love Letter” I have different shades of pink from light to medium and a dark pink as the accent.


In “Cottage Garden” I have added two accent colours that are more variegated than what I usually do


“River Country’s” main colour is light green with three different accent colours: medium green, cobalt blue and red:



I am very fond of stripes and often dye striped yarns. This the the colourway “On Board”:


I also offer a design, that I call transitional yarn. I dye it in a way, that the yarn changes from one colour to the next.


This yarn, called Hibiscus, changes from violets to greens and yellows, but the colour bands are narrower, so that the colours will repeat several times in a sock. I have aimed at colour bands, that are about 5 cm wide, but each band is differently wide.


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