Piece of Cake

While it looks like as if I got the cold now, I try to keep up with everything.

Last week I volunteered to make the costumes for our Tap Dance recital in June. Call me crazy, but I hope there is not much more work involved than putting shiny things on black T-shirts. Well, today it turned out, I also have to add sleeves…. We’ll see!

I have been Tap dancing for 2 years now and while I enjoy it thoroughly, dancing on stage in a theater that seats 1200 is simply nerve wrecking. I just hope, I do not fall on my behind.


I made this Apple Cake the other day. I usually make a sweat yeast dough with about 4 cups of flour. This will make two 10 inch cakes. Then I make one Crumb Cake just like my Grandmother in Germany used to make and one Apple Cake.

For the Apple Cake I slice the apples and coat them with lemon juice, layer them on the dough, drizzle whipping cream over them and sprinkle the whole thing with cinnamon-sugar. Bake at 350 for about 35  minutes.

Here is the recipe in pdf form.

I have also worked on the little sweater. The cotton is quite difficult to work with compared to wool, but the fabric is nice and soft. I just hope, it will fit. It looks very small….

I have ordered yarn and a bunch of other stuff, and so far nothing has arrived. I hope some of the yarn will arrive tomorrow,so that I can get started. I do not like it, that I have to sit here and wait. Well, I could always knit, couldn’t I?


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  1. Aditi says:


    Just wanted to know if the APPLE Cake pic that u have used have been clicked by you, or a stock pic from Flickr/Internet

    Would appreciate your revert.

    Hope u dont take me wrong..


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