Now we are worried. My cold has settled on my chest and since I have had Pneumonia twice, every time I cough, my husband winces. It has been a rough night.

On nicer news I got two huge packages from cooking.com yesterday. In it were a rectangular baking stone for my oven, a bread rising basket ,  another bowl for my mixer and a brioche baking pan. So here I am poised for action – just let me catch my breath first!

I loved the round Pizza stone, but it broke, when I emptied a 1/4 cup of water onto the bottom of my oven. It says in the Bread book, that you are supposed to steam the oven with the stone in it and so I did. The cold water did not touch the stone, but the sudden release of steam made it crack. Too bad.

Now I bought a rectangular stone to make more use of the space for when I bake rolls or several loafs of bread. It looks very sturdy.

I have wanted a rising basket for many years. It is very useful for rye breads, since these are difficult to shape. They are traditionally used in Germany and I like the ridges that they leave on the bread. I look very much forward to using it.

Another luxury is the second mixing bowl. Now I can make a bread and a cake at the same time without juggling the doughs around. It is also great for doughs that want beaten egg whites added. 

 I bought the Brioche pan only because it was on sale for about $ 4. I love sweat breads. How could I resist?

Unfortunately I did not get any yarn. While I feel bad that I cannot update the store right now, I  hope another 2 days of resting might do me good.