This Is The Day! Is It?

I got up with all good intentions, to get the house work out of the way and start winding yarn. Well, I did not get the yarn! This is all quite frustrating. Also the view counters at Etsy are stuck, which means that it appears as if nobody even looked at my yarn. ( Someone looked, I did get a few more hearts. Oi!) Okay, time for some deep breathing and tomorrow is another mail day!


Because I always have to make something, I baked Bialys (Bread book, page 262) today. I have no idea how they are supposed to look (probably a bit wider), but this one looks much better than the first batch. The first one resembled poisonous mushrooms. Nevertheless they were yummy!

I also mended a friend’s favourite pair of jeans. (I hate mending, please do not ask.) He told me he had a tear and asked if I could fix it. Sure, I said, naively.

Nothing prepared me for what had happened to those jeans. Just imagine you get stuck with your rear pocket somewhere, and you stubbornly keep on walking, and the pocket does not come off, but the fabric next to the pocket tears…. After some serious head-scratching I came up with a solution. I took off the pocket, patched up the hole with some denim and sewed the pocket back on.  I considered using fabric with hearts on it or pink flowers to stop the request for mending things, but I could not do it.

We also have a new addition to our family. My daughter bought a plant, that is a bit livelier than others: a Venus Fly Trap. It says on the container, that you could feed it with meat! It was weird, when the petals closed as I accidentally touched them. The plant lives now safely in big glass jar and I can’t wait to feed it with one of those nasty fruit flies!

Happy Monday, everyone!