Now What?!

Okay, after another no-mail-day I have contacted my yarn suppliers and got bad news. The yarn, that I was promised by the end of last week, is nowhere near here. The other supplier has not answered yet, so there is still hope. 

#%$%)$&$%$###!!!! (How is that deep breathing working for you, Ellen?)

To distract you and myself, I offer you in honour of Mardi Gras “Krapfen” which are Doughnuts without the hole plus jam inside. I made them earlier today and they turned out very tasty.  ( There are none left)


 If I make them again, I would not let them rise after they are shaped. The recipe told me to do so, but they collapsed and lost their nice round shape, when I picked them up in order to deep-fry them.

I have finished the front and back of the little “Ice Cream” sweater and have finished the collar. There will be many ends to darn in. Maybe I should start now…

I am also still debating, if I should embroider a flower or a heart onto the front. Any thoughts?

Edited to add: I have heard from the other supplier. They do not have a tracking number, but they suspect there is a holdup at Customs. The lesson I learn from this: Order the yarn before you know you need it ; )