Gone Sour

 I have dyed 2 skeins of yarn today. They are drying right now. One is  a striped yarn in gold and black, the other is the colourway Rhodo as a special request. I am very happy, that I can dye again. I enjoy it so much!

While I cooked dinner last night, I also made a Cheesecake. It is a recipe whith a bottom made of breadcrumbs, butter and sugar. The filling has cream cheese, sour cream and eggs. This cake has to go into the oven.

When P. “cleaned” the spoon, she pulled a face. I was a bit surprised and went over the recipe again. Sure enough there was no sugar in the filling. The recipe is from a well-known German cookbook and I am quite surprised about this mistake. I googled similar recipes and added 120g of sugar. There, much better! 


Oh, and do you know, what can go wrong, when you try to start a sourdough culture?

  • You forget to feed it. ( It wants breakfast and dinner, thank you)
  • You accidentally turn off the oven light, which results in an oven that is too cold for the little buggers
  • You forget, that you have a tender sourdough culture in your windowless oven and turn on the heat to bake a cake

I managed to make all three of these mistakes!