On Schedule


When I started out having a real household, I asked one of my best friends for advice, how to keep up with everything. She has a large house, three boys who like to get dirty and does a lot of volunteer work. What she told me is, to have a weekly schedule and to plan a chore ( uh, several chores) for each day.

I have kept that up almost religiously, because it makes it possible, to have time for something else, but still keep things in order. Let’s face is, there is always something, that needs to be done. If I do my laundry on Mondays, on Thursday I might give the laundry basket a hard stare, but then I will turn away and do something else.

I like to give things a rythm, a schedule. When it comes to dyeing yarn or baking bread, there is always this change between a lot to do and then just wait. The waiting is often crucial, but then you have to be there for the action. When is the best time to start? Am I going to be home, to give the bread the folding it needs every hour? Will there be enough light to take a nice picture of the yarn? All this needs to be planned.

Keeping everything calm and steady, I hope, I can post 2 skeins every weekday in the upcoming weeks. We’ll see!

The picture on top shows “French Toast”, which I dyed yesterday.