This is A’s sweater finally done! I used this pattern to figure out the shaping. I have had a sweater returned to me before, because it would not fit over my friend’s son’s head. So fearing the sister would be equally bigheaded I used EZ cast-off method, where you weave the thread in and out of the stitches using a sewing needle. This results in a very stretchy and pretty edge. I hope it will work!The swirls on the front are done with a crochet hook. I kept the yarn on the back of the fabric and pulled it up through a loop on the crochet hook.

The yarn is Cottonlicious from Sweaterkits in the colours: Spring Green, Hot Pink, Soft Pink and Soft Yellow. Because of the slight nubbly texture the yarn is not easy to knit with, especially when it is patterned. I like the feel of the knitted fabric. It is nice and soft. The other thing that I have noticed is a strange chemical smell of the yarn. I am very sensitive to smells and it is very faint, so somebody else might not notice it at all.

Oh, and I also bought a cooking set for the little girl. My husband pointed out, that it will work well for throwing it at one of her 3 older brothers. It is not made of plastic, you see.

I have noticed that my Spam-Eater swallowed 12 comments before I had a chance to check them. I am very sorry, if your comment ended there. I’ll be more careful in the future!

On the drying rack: Superhero, the colours of polished steel, aluminum and spandex.