Vacation Plans

 Big THANK YOUs to everyone who shopped at my store and or left me a heart last week. I am very happy, that you like my yarns! I am out of yarn as I am writing this, but I expect a shipment soon. This time I will wait until I have several skeins dyed up, before I put them up for sale. This will give you a better selection to choose from. Please write me an e-mail if you have a question or leave a comment!

We will go skiing during Spring Break. So I won’t be able to ship anything between Monday March 19th and Thursday March 22nd.

 I am very much looking forward to this. For the first time we have been skiing together as a family this year. It has been a lot of fun! After the third run, my son declared that he could ski better than me. Honestly, I think he might ski faster than me, but I am way better at stopping…..


 Do you remember this?  I have been very busy dyeing and shipping last week, which resulted in my falling asleep on the couch. There was very little knitting. This  is going to be a sock for P. knit with “On Board” in a chevron pattern. This time I am using Knitpicks needles which are really nice to work with!