New Project In The House

I went shopping yesterday with my older children.  We felt a bit down and needed the therapy. Well, actually they needed shoes but they asked me, if we could stop at the toy store on our way. “Sure!” I said “Do you have some money?” 

There I found a little wooden loom and asked P. if she might like it. The rest, they say, is history! She almost did not make it to school this morning, because she likes it so much. It is 10 by 12 inches large and even has a nifty yarn separator. It also comes with 5 mini skeins of yarn. It is 100% acrylic, of course, but the colours are nice. She is working on a little purse right now and  if she runs out of yarn, well, that is not really a problem, is it?


I must (MUST) work on the tap dance T-Shirts today. Wish me luck, because I am not sewing well, if I am tired. I have to admit, it was a bit late, when I turned off the light last night. I am reading The Order of The Phoenix right now and I could not put it down. I want to be prepared, when the latest Harry Potter book comes out! ( Can I admit here, that I do not remember  much from when I read it the first time? How weird is that?)

Oh, in case you are interested, it was me who paid for the loom…..