At the Post Office

While I was at the Post Office yesterday a man picked up a letter, that he had to sign for. He opened the envelope immediately, pulled out a credit card and called out “Royal Highness!”. Everybody looked at him puzzled and he showed his new  card to the employee. Evidently it said “Royal Highness Peter Smith” ( not his real name). So this guy had filled out a credit card application with this title and wanted to find out, if he would get it. When the employee showed all the right signs of wonderment and awe, he proceeded to tell her, that he had another one with a “Dr.” in front of his name. “I am going to throw this one away now!” he said and left the Post Office.

While I did not blog, I dyed and knitted and sewed. You have seen, what I have dyed. Unfortunately I can’t show you, what I have knitted, because it is a gift for someone who might read this blog.

I have “decorated” several black T-Shirts, but I want to wait until they are done, before I show you. I might also have to wash them. I have used a silver knit fabric, that left dandruffy looking sparkles all over the shirts. Oi!