Knitting In Public

Yesterday was an assembly at my kid’s school. In the last minute before I rushed out of the door, I grabbed my knitting bag with my latest project.

Unfortunately my current project is P’s sock, that I had to start over. The chevron pattern, although used in a legwarmer pattern in Vogue, was just not stretchy enough. So the night before I had  started over with a classic 2×1 rib.

When I arrived at the Gym it was already quite crowded. I settled down on a bench in the back, stretched out my legs and pulled out my knitting. The assembly was long and slightly maddening, because out of every speech (and there were many) I caught about 10%. The sound system is just sooo bad. But I got a lot of knitting done.

Suddenly a women came over and sat next to me. “Why do you knit differently?” she asked me. “This is called continental or German knitting.” I answered. “Where did you learn that?” she persisted. “Well, I am from Germany” I explained. “And  your Mom or your Grandma taught you to knit like that?” she asked. “Actually no, I learned it at school.” I replied. “Can you teach me?” she wanted to know. Pretending that I was very keen on hearing the next part of the speech I took my time thinking about what to tell her.  

I mean, I am always happy to help out a fellow knitter. On the other hand,  the way my life is going right now, I have barely time to meet with my friends, let alone complete strangers. I decided to compromise. I told her, that there were videos online, that could help her to learn and then I gave her my e-mail address just in case. She seemed quite happy with that.

When everything was over another women asked me what I was knitting. My answer seemed to startle her a bit. “Good for you!” she answered heartily. She might as well have patted me on my head.