I Am Back

We have come back from skiing in Whistler and what a trip it has been. My life was reduced to skiing, eating and a lot of sleeping. ( It was more a passing out, actually. I was so exhausted.)

Other than a sore thumb everything seems to be in working order, so back to work it is! The weather is not very stimulating, though. It is pouring rain again and one light bulb after the other is giving up the fight. So I sit here in semi darkness. But I see glimpses of fresh buds and hints of brand new leafs in my gloomy garden. There is hope!

I leave you with a picture of the one finished sock. It is knit on 2mm needles with the Kona fingering, colourway “On Board”. P. likes blue and stripes, so I dyed the yarn specifically for her. The cuffs are a bit unruly, because I knit them with kinks and all after unraveling the chevron pattern. I hope, it will straighten out…