Last night I heard Guido’s Podcast about the Yarn Harlot’s event in New York. Just now I have read her first post about it. Wow! I wish, I could have been there. There is a tiny possibility that  my yarn was there… Well, even though I was not there, I know, that I belong to this group, that I would have been welcome.

When I tell somebody, that I knit or dye yarn and they smile politely, but secretly think that I was weird, I know that they are just ignorant. They are completely unaware of this great community, of this movement and  I should feel a bit sorry, that they miss out.

My own life has been busy. I try to get it all done, taking care not to miss anything important, setting priorities. The Treadsoft yarn arrived today, but I have decided to work on the T-shirts first. There are only three left to do and as of now, I have finished sewing in the sleeves. I hope, I can finish them tomorrow. Tonight I will start winding yarn.

Other than that I have this strange problem, that I do not know, what to knit next. It seems most of my creative juices go into dyeing yarn right now and that leaves me aimless in the knitting area. Any suggestions?