We Are All Bobbleheads or What Happened?

 I am sorry! I have been trying to post every weekday or close to that, but I have been sick. I did not post, because I was afraid, I wouldn’t be able to write anything, that  you would like to read. Today I am feeling better and I have dyed more yarn.

Do you know,  what that is ? (Please excuse the blurriness):


It is a Salmon-berry flower. I believe Salmon-berries are natives of this area and I have a hedge in my garden. As hedges go this one is not great, it is very see-through in the winter and its berries are not very tasteful either, just sour.

Its amazing secret is revealed to the patient observer at this time of the year. Every year when the first blossom opens the hummingbirds come! It happened last Tuesday for the first time. How do they know? 

I have tried to make them stay a bit by hanging up a feeder and planting several other plants, that they are supposed to like. But I have not had any success. They come only when the Salmon-berries are in bloom.

Oh and the title – that is what my Physiotherapist said about most people’s habit to push our heads forward, when we want to see something better.