The weather forecast is 22 degrees Celsius for tomorrow ( about 75 F), but this is what happened on Monday:


I hope, that this turn won’t make my Mache lettuce go to seeds before I have a chance to eat it. Sigh! ( I seem to sigh a lot these days. )

My MIL was so kind as to send me a Filati pattern book from Germany. The patterns are all very fitted and modern. There is a V-neck cardigan with 3/4 bell sleeves, that I really like. Maybe it is the colour: it is a heartwarming deep red. 

I have noticed, that for the most part I knit sweaters in three colours for myself: blue, red and natural white. But maybe that has to do with the colours, that I can get at the store. Even though I will often find more colours I like, there is often something not right for me: the green is too bright, the pink too purple etc.

I went the other day to my LYS to get yarn for a vest for myself. I could have dyed something, but I would have had to order yarn extra for that and I was too impatient. I spent the longest time looking for just the right colour and ended up with red, yet again. At one point I eyed the natural wool considering dyeing, but I wanted to start that night.

I will show you, what I have been working on, when I have spent a bit more time on it. Right now, there is sadly not much to see….