Soft Wanderings



So this is it. I have finally finished my daughter’s socks. It took me only one evening to finish them. She likes them a lot.  Her favourite colour right now is blue.

I have noticed that many instructions for knitting the toe part is different from how I learned it. When I was pregnant for the first time, I decided to knit socks again. As I bought some yarn, I also got a little pattern booklet by Regia. In the front there are basic instructions (knitting from the cuff down) with good pictures and a table  ( in German) with the numbers of stitches etc for the different sizes. Here it is in English. I have found that to be very useful.

The toe instructions are that in the beginning you decrease less and then gradually more, so that you get a gently slope. It basically tells you to:

  1. Decrease 4 sts in 1 round, knit 3 rounds even
  2. *Decrease 4 sts in 1 round, knit 2 rounds even* repeat twice
  3. *Decrease 4 sts in 1 round, knit 1 round even* repeat three times
  4. Decrease 4 sts in every round until there are 8 – 12 sts left

Today I have added a little show to my website. It is a slideshow of the yarns that I have dyed. It is quite nice to see them all together!


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  1. karen says:

    They look awesome Ellen! You did a great job. I love to knit socks for my kids too. Great slideshow. I see a few things in there I’d like to have…

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