What a Cute Book

I have a longtime loving relationship with my local library – wherever I live. It all started when I was in third grade and the library bus came by every other week. I was allowed to borrow 10 books max, which meant, that often after 10 days I had read them all.

I remember being shocked, when my teacher asked us to make a brief book report for every book that we had read. I told him, that that was just too much work and he answered me, I could pick the one I liked best. He was grinning from ear to ear. I think, it was a proud teacher moment for him.

When we moved to the US and later to Canada I marveled at the high standard, the huge selection that the libraries have, as well that there are so many of them. I have been going there with my children every week for many years and I still love it.

The library here has a great website, where you can pick books and place a hold on them. It is a lot of fun to find the latest knitting books and order them. One of these little treasures is Lucinda Guy’s And So To Bed…

First of all even if you did not want to knit any of the patterns, it is such a pleasure to look at. The knitted pieces are showcased surrounded by the cutest drawings. There is a hot water bottle with sleeping mice on it. There are knitted owls (with scarfs) on trees. There is a child hiding in a tent made of a knitted blanket. My favourite is a little doll with a clothes lines full of her knitted underwear.

The patterns seem to be well written, there are plenty of charts and diagrams. The designs are very creative, yet clean and  with funny little details. For example there is a blanket featuring the “King of Snooze”. A simple face yet interesting, sometimes the king is awake, sometimes asleep. I also love the warm, muted colours.

My daughter has asked for the owl. That was quite a surprise. She is a huge fan of bunnies. We have already picked out the yarn and now I only need some time… Don’t we all?



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