Bike vs. Car Ride to The Post Office

  • My bicycle looks way cooler than my Mommy car
  • I speedily drive past the construction site with its one lane traffic by pulling over onto the sidewalk ( no pedestrians)
  • Many people make nice comments about my pretty wicker basket
  • People smile at me (probably because of my goofy grin and my slightly flushed appearance)
  • I almost drive into the ditch because suddenly there is a loud “woof” right into my ear. It comes from a dog leaning out of a window of a passing car. I loose my cool and curse.
  • On the way back I overlook a hole in the ground while steering onto the sidewalk. Everything jumps and rattles in my basket and I spill some of my Ice Tea, that I bought as a treat.
  • It’s a way of dealing with my cake issues.
  • Which might be offset by “treats”

One thought on “Bike vs. Car Ride to The Post Office

  1. missharleyquinn says:

    I think the cool bicycle wins hands down! My mommy car pales in comparison to my roller blades…until of course I splat on the sidewalk! 🙂

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