About Stitch Markers



Many people have these pretty stitch markers made out of beads and jump rings. I got some, too. But I just can’t seem to get the hang of them. First of all, I have a hard time finding them. They always slip to the bottom of things and hiding there, be it in my knitting bag or on my couch. I think that is, because they are quite heavy compared to their size.

 I have also had problems with yarn getting caught in the rings. Maybe I am a Klutz, but they also fall easily off my needles and then the searching starts over.

I much prefer to use mini hair elastics. First of all, who cares if you lose one (as long as it was not your last one). Second of all they are smooth. And thirdly you can leave them in and cut them out, when you are done. I love to do this in order to keep track of my increases or decreases. I let them drop onto the stitch I am decreasing and keep knitting. Later it is so easy to see, if I have done the required number of decreases. I have to admit though, that they are not that pretty….

The yarn above is French Toast, which I have put in the store today. Yummy!