It Is All Coming To An End

My friend calls this time of the year as busy as Christmas and that is true. I have field trips to attend, year end parties to prepare. I should have helped at the Teacher’s Lunch and I have to go to the Parent Appreciation Tea, because my girls will sing there.

There is the Piano Recital as well as my daughter’s graduation from her 3 year school program. There is money collecting for the teachers’ gifts and there are cards to sign. And then there is the biggest event of all. It is so big, that it needs two nights: the Year End Recital of the dance school.

The problem is, that I will be on stage with my group performing our tap routine and the theater seats 1200 people. It is a great show to watch and exhilarating to be part of it. But it also makes me nervous – a lot.

All of my kids will be on stage, too. These are moments that call for extra tissues! Today is dress rehearsal. Let’s hope, that we will all do well. Enviously, my son is not nervous at all.

Good luck for everyone and happy Sunday!