The Red Vest

I have finished this vest a while ago, but did not have the time to post about it. The shape is (almost) from the Provincial Waistcoast pattern from IK Winter 2006. I have changed the shoulder line to fit me better and added a crocheted button band after I had heard about that on Cast-On. (And I messed up – a misunderstanding, I think…)

The button band is nice and firm, but I am not 100% sure I like the look of it. The lace pattern is the Lacy Knots Pattern from the Lacy Dress found in the Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2007 issue. The yarn is Tuffy from Briggs and Little and still smells pleasantly sheepish.

Overall I like the little vest and I hope I get to wear it once in a while. I am quite charmed by the edging, which is very simple ( a few rows of reverse stockinette), but looks really nice, I think.

P.s. The dress rehearsal went well, but I was very, very nervous and was afterwards so exhausted, that I went to bed at nine (after a little bit of knitting). I am glad, I did not mess up. My kids had a great time. My son’s Hip Hop was very cool and both of my daughters’ dances were fun and upbeat.

The worst part for me is waiting in the sidewings just before you go on. That’s when I mentioned to the dance school owner(maybe I whined a bit), that there were so many people in the audience. She said there should not be, went to check, came back and that, there were hardly any, maybe 6. Of course, when I went out, there were more than 60 people, but it was one of these moments, when it makes you smile, to be lied to.