A Failure And A Success


This is how far I have gotten  with my new yarn project. I have dyed the yarn so it gradually changes from one colour to the next, nine colours in all. I am knitting these socks with a slipstitch pattern using both ends of the yarn. I have knit the heel and the toe with one strand only.

For me the failure part is that the bands of one colour are too long. There is just too much of the green-yellow combination. When I planned this dyejob I distributed the yardage in nine sections without considering how long the colour bands will be. It will look much better, if the sections are shorter, the colours repeat and the sections have different lenghts.

The success part for me is, that I have figured out a way to dye yarn with gradual colour changes, that works for me. (It is a lot of work, though.) I find the effect very interesting and I will go ahead changing the things I did not like.

What do you think?


5 thoughts on “A Failure And A Success

  1. missharleyquinn says:

    I love the sock and 1/2…but then I’m terribly in awe of sock makers! 🙂 I’m baffled by the term ‘turning’ . Your dye job is beautiful.

  2. sunnysideellen says:

    Thank you! Turning the heel just means you have reached the bottom and start knitting the foot part. It is done using short rows (easy ones, no wraps needed). You can do it!

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