A Tablecloth For The Patio Table

When I went to my nearest fabric store to buy buttons for the red vest, I found a fabric I could not resist…. (Do you know this feeling?)

It is a yellow and white Gingham with little flowers printed on them. I decided to make a new tablecloth for the table outside. The tricky part is, that this table has also an umbrella in the middle.

The year before I had bought a tablecloth for this table that closed with a zipper. I did not like how the zipper looked and after a few times of using it, it broke. So I decided to use buttons. Here is how I did it:

The fabric did not have enough width to cover the table completely, so I cut it in half planning on sewing those 2 strips together along two selvedges. This seam would run across the middle of the table. Here is a sketch:


First I folded both of the selvedges 3 cm ( 1 1/4 inch) to the wrong side and ironed them.


On the left fabric strip I used a pencil and marked the middle of the fold and drew a halfcircle 6cm ( 2 1/2 inch) in diameter with the middle as the center. This would be the hole for the umbrella.


I aligned the left and right fabric strips so that the folds were on top of each other,overlapping completely, from one outer edge to the circle. I used Steam A Seam to prevent shifting of the fabrics. I sewed the two fabrics together with two seams: one along the edge and one 2.5 cm ( 1 inch) away from the edge. Then I cut out the circle.


I finished the edges of the circle with a store bought bias binding leaving short tails on both ends.


Tucking the tails ends under I sewed down the folds seperately from the circle to the southern edge along the edge and 2.5 cm ( 1 inch) away from the edge.


I made buttonholes on the left side and sewed buttons on the right. I hemmed the edges by folding the edges twice about 0.75 cm (  1/4 inch) wide and stitched them down along the edge.


And if we only had some warm sunshine, we could actually use it!


9 thoughts on “A Tablecloth For The Patio Table

  1. Gail McClory says:

    Can you make me three before May 6th? 2 oval, 1 round, beige? 🙂
    Velcro would work for me.

  2. Peter Heller says:

    It is interesting to note that with the state of the enconomy more people are enjoying their decks and patios than before, or taking the family for a nice picnic in the park. Maybe it’s bringing us more together as families. Pete

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