Decision Time


My husband gave me a digital camera (a HP) for my birthday three years ago. I like taking pictures, but I would not say it is a hobby of mine. So I had a lot to learn when I opened my etsy store. (I have to tell you, taking pictures of yarn is much harder than taking pictures of your children…) 

Some colours are difficult to photograph accurately. I read a lot on forums, blogs and my camera’s manual. I noticed that when I photographed a blue yarn with green accents, the green was not really showing. It was also hard to see that the colourway Iris had a blue that was slightly violet.

I built a lightbox and bought a tripod, but the result was not satisfying. My husband finally broke the news to me: I needed a new camera!

But which one? There are so many out there! Lucky for us we know a German magazine, that does nothing else, but test consumer products and publish the results. And when I say testing, I mean a scientific process with dozens of criterias. ( What can I say, it is a German magazine…)

We decided, that the most important issue for me is colour accuracy  and picked one camera, an Olympus SP-510UZ, accordingly. We bought it yesterday! 

I love it! The pictures that I took make it look like you could grab the yarn out of the monitor. I have updated all the pictures in my store and will add some more, soon.

P.s. The flower on top is part of a project, that I am teaching to someone I met in a store. She asked me, if I also knew how to crochet when I bought Vogue Knitting.