Hidden Treasures

Last week the kids and I went to the park with our bicycles. There is a small pond with ducks, frogs and turtles. While I sat on a bench and crocheted a headband, the kids went on exploring. Suddenly there was big excitement. My son had found a treasure! He showed it to me: It was a smallish plastic box with toys in it, that you might find in a dollar store. A letter explained what it was. My son had found a treasure from the Geocacheproject! He put the box back where he found it. Back at home we looked up the information on the internet. Our box has been hiding there for three years. I thought, it would be a fun thing for my son to take part in, but you need a GPS device and that is still a bit too expensive…

A few days ago I was alone with my youngest daughter and I told her we would go to the tree-house she had visited with a friend and I had never seen. Again we took our bikes and stopped in the middle of the path. There was a big lawn, a few trees, but I could not see a tree house. “Here it is!” she declared and led me around a group of cedar trees. We entered between a few branches and there it was! Somebody had built a playground under the trees and you could not see it from the outside! There was a boat, some houses, a small fort, a monkey bar, some swings and a sandbox. Unbelievable!

And while I sat there, admired everything and people walked past us without seeing us, I wondered how many more treasures are hidden just around us?

P.s. The picture shows Otto the Owl from this book. Isn’t he cute? But I have to admit, that looking at all the pieces I am supposed to knit, if he couldn’t be easier sewn than knit….