Sock In Progress Holder

I ordered 6″ DPNs from Knitpicks a little while ago and I like working with them very much. The only problem I had was, that the stitches slide off the needles easily, because the needles are so short. Especially when you want to put the socks away while you are knitting the instep. There are just so many stitches on the needles.

So I came up with this idea of a needleholder. I used a dark brown pleather on the outside and a flower printed cotton on the inside. You slide the needles into the elastic bands, close the case with a snap button and your sock and needles are held securely. I like, how you can just grab your sock in progress and toss it into your bag and leave. You do not get poked and you do not need to look for the working needle.

I have one for sale in my etsy store right now. I also do custom orders, so just let me know, if you like one for longer DPNs.