Isn’t this funny? I got it last night when I went to the local book store to pick up my Harry Potter book. At first I did not want to go, because I do not like to stand in line for something, I will get a day later without having to wait. But then I thought it would be fun and who knows if there will ever be another book, that will create such an event?

I put on my pretty Witch’s hat ( it is blue and has a polka dot lining), took my son along and off we went. In the end it was a very exciting wait with a big crowd, some entertainment and pretty costumes. (Though I did not see any handknits.) I talked to Mr. and Mrs. Granger, seen a young Harry, Madam Hooch, a House Elf and a Poly Juice experiment gone bad.

And now I am torn between wanting to read it but not wanting it to end. I have read a few chapters and I must say it is very intense from the get go!