Here It is

Remember my last attempt to dye yarn, that changes from one colour the other? Well, this is the same idea but improved! This yarn, called Hibiscus, changes from violets to greens and yellows, but the colour bands are narrower, so that the colours will repeat several times in a sock.
I have aimed at colour bands, that are about 5 cm wide, but each band is differently wide.

In other news I have to admit, that there has been very little knitting lately. I have finished Otto’s back and started his bottom, but I guess I am bit daunted by the number of small pieces I have to knit. However my youngest daughter is keenly waiting for him, so I better get to it!

I have also decided to teach my oldest daughter ( She is 9) to sew. So I took my old Husqvarna sewing machine to Laura’s Fabrics for a tune up. There I was told to take the tool box home with me, so it would not get lost. When I went back to pick up my machine, I realised, that I had no idea, what I had done with the box. I told that to the women who rang me up and her answer was, that it was not in the store.

I went home and searched my house. I could not find it and I could not remember ever unpacking it at home. So I called the store and they told me again, that they had searched for it and it was not there. But they promised, that they would ask the women who had taken my machine, when she came back for work. A day later she called me and told me, that I indeed had left it at the store! What a relief!

The funny thing is, that when I went there a day after the call, they had a hard time finding it again! But this time I knew, it was there. ( Please remind me, to leave the box at home the next time…)

P. has already made a little bag, where she can put her Webkins dog. I think, she feels quite proud of herself. Our next project is a pillow and a blanket for the same dog, I believe …

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  1. Ali says:

    I learned to sew on a machine with only 2 speeds: stop and warp 9! I have a nice, tame, turn-the-handle antique machine now that’s much less stressful!

    Really like the Hibiscus yarn!

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