Getting Ready!

I am very sorry about blogging so little lately, but as it seems, I cannot do it all! As I have mentioned before, I had oral surgery last week and while the place itself healed well I must have hurt my neck. So I have been feeling dizzy and have had lots of headaches.

The other big task in my life right now is trying to get 3 kids ready for school next week. I have bought 6 pairs of shoes in 2 days! Why so many, you ask? Well, there are my-shoes-are-too-small shoes, inside shoes, gym shoes and dance shoes. I still have to get tap shoes and 2 pairs of those nice boots for the raining season!

And do not get me started on the supplies! I am finally getting a better understanding, if the item on my list is what I am staring at in the shelf. And whoever came up with the idea, that every single item should be labeled, is invited to my house to do it! I’ll even serve coffee!  My kids love to draw, so the 18 pens box won’t do. In the end we have to label hundreds of pencils, markers, crayons etc. each year. Maybe this year it will be that, if you find an unlabeled pen in the classroom, it belongs to my kid….

Ok, I am off the soapbox now! I took three knitting projects with me on my vacation. The socks, the red vest and I started a blue wrap.  After wearing the red vest a few times I had to admit, that my “little mistake” proved to be quite uncomfortable to wear. I made the one front piece about an inch too short in the armhole. So I decided to take it with me and rework it. I will tell you all about it soon, I hope….

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  1. kitsknits says:

    I’ve made labels on the computer… that helped cut down on some of it…. And our teacher wanted a last name too… Mine is 14 letters… pffttt as if!

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