I Got My Invitation!

Yesterday I got my invitation to Ravelry. How exciting! To my amazement I saw that my yarn had arrived long before me. My username is SunnysideEllen and my yarn’s brand name is Sunnyside Ellen. Silly, I know, but I had no idea when I signed up for the first time.

Unfortunately I do not have much time to spare to explore Ravelry further right now.  I am working on getting some custom orders ready and to dye more transitional yarns.

I also just found out, that my youngest, who is 2 1/4 years younger than her sister, can’t wear her sister’s Jazz shoes from last year. Sigh! Beware of little girls with big feet!  I am off shopping – again!


4 thoughts on “I Got My Invitation!

  1. orooni says:

    Hi! I was entering one of my pairs of socks made out of yarn I bought from you awhile ago (Sorbet) and just volunteered to be an editor for your yarn. Feel free to overrule me on anything, I’m sure you know your stuff better than I do 🙂

  2. sunnysideellen says:

    Oh, you have to check it out! Just follow the link in my post. As to what it is, hm, it is a big community for knitters and crocheters. Every member can upload their projects, books and yarns they own, so that you can see who has made what. It is great, if you are looking for your next project. There are forums and groups and designers and I bet, there is much more, because I have not had much time to explore it. Everything looks great and the site is well designed. The only drawback right now is, that they are still in their testing phase and there is a long waiting list!

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