The Endless Wrap

It was a last minute decision, when I grabbed the yarn, pattern and needles for this project to take with me on my vacation. The yarn is the Briggs & Little Anniversary Twist and I got 2 skeins of it it for almost free, when I bought the yarn for the red vest. It is a bit scratchy and I did not want to make anything next-to-skin with it. Then I remembered the Twisty Turns wrap by Nora Gaughan.

It was in the car when I really read the instructions for the first time. Honestly, I could not believe my eyes. The pattern basically tells you to make a 2,60m ( over 8 feet) long ribbed scarf. When you are done knitting, you twist the ends around each other and seam the two scarves together lengthwise. ( I am still in denial about this part.)

I knew right away that I did not have enough yarn, but I started anyway. Now I am halfway done and I must say, that I can see the benefits to a mindless pattern like this. You can knit this, even if you are half asleep. It has become so long now, that I have rolled it up and put a large stitch holder/safety pin in it to make it easier to work with.

But wait, there are more good news: I did get  more skeins of the yarn at my LYS and I read on ravelry that I might be OK, knitting a somewhat shorter scarf. In the end it will depend on how stretchy my yarn is. I will probably drape it around my dressmaker’s doll and take an educated guess as to when I can stop.

At this point I hope, I will someday be able to wear something, that looks somewhat intriguing and keep me warm. 

 I might end up being surly disappointed, though. First of all I am not built like the model wearing it and maybe even worse, my yarn is a sturdy wool and not a soft, drapey alpaca/wool blend.

Well, maybe I love knitting just for the fun of it and not for getting something wearable in the end…