Birthday Party Turns Tragic

knews – A Junior Ranger themed Birthday party for a 7 year old girl started out with everybody having a great time, when suddenly something went terribly wrong. The party ended abruptly when a Mother of 3 had to be carried out on a stretcher. Witnesses could hear her repeating the following words over and over:”But I have made him with my own hands!” while recognizing nobody.

The birthday girl explained, what had happened:”My Mom had knitted me this owl called Otto. I showed it to my friends when some boys grabbed it and started throwing it around like a football. My Mom just lost it then.” “I only wanted to have some fun!”explained a blond boy with big blue eyes.

The husband commented, that the party preparations and all that knitting well into the wee hours must have put his wife over the edge. A fellow knitter had this to say:”If somebody mishandled my knitting like that, there is no telling, what I might do!”

The medical experts are hopeful, that a few days of rest will put this mother back on her feet.     

2 thoughts on “Birthday Party Turns Tragic

  1. missharleyquinn says:

    Lucky the little blonde boy wasn’t required to have knitting needles removed from any part of his body and rushed to the hospital as well. *l*

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