How Many?


 How many mindless blue knitting project does one need? This one apparently needs two! I have started the Denim Family Tunic by Debbie Bliss from Weekend Knitting for my oldest daughter.

I have been quite curious about denim yarns especially since reading so much about it at Mason-Dixon Knitting. I ordered mine (Den-m-nit)  from elann.

I won’t change much in the pattern, except that I want it not quite so over sized. ( Debbie Bliss’ sweaters for children are often very wide.) Usually I pick a pattern, chose a different yarn and change so much, that my children can’t see the similarities in the end. This time I wanted for P. to get a sweater that looks more or less like the one in the picture. ( This strategy should help prevent disappointment on both sides.)

So this is where my little problem comes in. The pattern consists of endless rows of moss stitch plus a few cables. Can you say boring? I have been tempted to “spice things up”, but you know my limitations.

I am almost at the cable part in the back and have already started to worry  if I have enough yarn….