I am still here, but I am very busy. I have quite a few custom orders, plus I am doing the single Mom thing this week and I am not very good at it. The Tooth Fairy did not come last night, but I really hope, she will make up for it tonight.

Besides dyeing yarn and trying to be a good Mom, I have made Plum Preserve and Bread and Butter pickles. I have also knitted a few rows on the Endless Wrap and started the cables on P.’s sweater. Unfortunately cabling with cotton yarn hurts my hands.

I have  started a new sock with a lot of colourwork and I hope, I can show it to you one day. Right now there is only about 1 inch of pattern and I doubt, that even with a big imagination you can guess, what it is supposed to be (maybe it will never be apparent).

I had this moment the other morning, when,using the time in the shower  to think about my plans for the day, I suddenly realized, that I had no idea, if I had washed my hair or not! Maybe that is why the Buddhists teach you to “stay in the moment” . You might get more done in the end! 


2 thoughts on “Busy

  1. missharleyquinn says:

    The tooth fairy comment made me smile, I always think of Erma Bombeck when the tooth fairy is brought up, she had commented that in her house the tooth fairy always left a check! *l* Our tooth fairy is named Molly and she’s Irish and leaves notes, fairy dust to the window, and a gold dollar.

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