In The Middle Of It


I have been working on a large yarn order, which will keep me busy for a little while longer. That is the reason why my etsy store has not been updated lately. I should be able to fit in a small custom order here and there, so please let me know, if there is something  you would like.

I have also managed to knit not one but two Pumpkin Hats. I started the first hat in the car while waiting for my daughter’s dance lesson to end. I had packed everything I needed, except a measuring tape. I knit the hat anyway and it turned out too small. I decided not to frog it, because I am determined to find a baby/toddler who needs a Pumpkin hat!

I have made a second one, which is on its way to my niece and I hope, it will fit her!

The pattern is my own and I used a cotton/acrylic blend from my stash. My niece might be allergic to wool, so I could not use my hand dyed yarn.

For the decreases I used k2tog mirrored with ssk (first hat) and skp (second hat). The cotton/acrylic blend does not like either ssk nor skp. Neither look as smooth as the k2togs. I have read somewhere (I think, it was on Grumperina’s blog), the best pairing of a k2tog is a p2tog on the back of the fabric, but when a hat is knit in the round, you are out of luck.

In the end I can only hope, that my niece does not mind…. 


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