Finished – For The Second Time


This is how the red vest looks now. Do you like it?

 As I have mentioned before, I took the vest with me on our vacation, because I had knitted the right front part about an inch too  short and it pulled uncomfortingly.

In order to fix this, I had to frog all the edging except around the left armhole and undo the shoulder seam. To help speed things up, I used scissors here and there. I had one whole skein of yarn left and could be generous.   

I also decided to frog the button band. First of all I did not like the look of the crocheted one that much and also I hadn’t made it long enough. (That is where I misunderstood the pattern directions.)

I reknit everything and it all went smoothly with one exception. For the numbers of stitches I had, the pattern tells you to make a buttonhole 9 stitches away from the edge. I followed these directions, because I was very tired at that point and did not quite understand, what that would mean.

Well, I think buttons should be situated close to the edges of a button band. These directions resulted in buttons, that were 2 inches ( 5cm) away from the edges. And of course the vest gaped.

I fixed this not by frogging again, but by sewing on the buttons on the top of the button band and attaching hook and eye closures on the insides.


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