Fair Isle Flower Sock

The Snowflake Sock pattern in the latest Interweave Knits inspired me to come up with my own version of a Fair Isle Sock. What you see here is actually version 4, I believe, because either the design did not work out or the sock did not fit me feet or both.

First I wanted to design something that resembled a rose, but it turned out as an undefinable blob. Then I had issues with the fit. Fair Isle knitting is not very stretchy, so denying the fact, that my ankles are more sturdy than graceful looking resulted in a sock that got stuck. Sigh!

But I must say, I like how it looks so far. I wanted something less geometrical and less structured than the snowflake pattern. The yarn I am using is my own Louet Gems. The white is straight off the cone and will bloom somewhat when washed. The other one is a transitional yarn and I am looking forward to the next colour coming up!

When I knit with two colours I usually carry one in each hand, but I found this too difficult ( and time consuming) with the DPNs. So I ordered this nifty little tool. At first I was a bit disappointed because it seemed quite flimsy. But I have to say, it works very well for me and the clasp closes tightly. It is also quite comfortable on my finger.

I have since learned that you can also wear a large ring on your finger and use that to keep the strands separated.

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