Denim Tunic – an Update

I have finished the back and the front of the denim Tunic for my daughter P. I must say, that she is taller than I thought she was. All that moss-stitch! ( It might also have something to do with the fact, that I knit this on 3.5mm needles and the yarn shrinks, so that I have to make the sweater even longer!)

What you can see on the picture is the yoke with all these pretty cables.

I have started on the sleeves going with the general instructions of Elizabeth Zimmerman. The reason for this is, that I do not want a sweater with over sized sleeves.

But before I can finish the first sleeve, I think, I have to sew the back and front together, finish the neck and wash the thing. The fabric will shrink slightly in width according to my swatch. My daughter can put the front and back on, then I can measure the length a washed sleeve should have. With a bit of Math and luck I can figure out how long an unwashed sleeve should be. ( And if I am wrong, could the sleeves please end up being rather too long than too short? Thanks!)

P.s.: In case you were wondering how my sewing lessons are progressing, P. sewed those two Halloween Ghosts all by herself. She told me, she sewed exactly on the line, even if the line was not straight!