Not for the Faint of Heart

My Grandma has a sweet tooth and when she confided in me a few years ago, that she no longer could get her favourite candy I jumped at the chance.

As you all know, it is very difficult to find a nice gift for someone who “already has everything” and “needs very little”. (Like the socks, that I knit her and my cousin now wears…)

One of her favourite candies is Almond Brittle and I will tell you, how I make it.

A few precautions in advance: The brittle stays very hot for quite a while, so be careful. Do not taste it, if you want to give it away. It tastes so good, you will have a hard time, letting it go! Also for those of you who do not have a scale, I am sorry, but weighing is very important in order to get the proportions right, so that everything holds together well.

 You need:

250g powdered sugar
100g butter
300g sliced almonds

Get all your ingredients ready, before you start. Spread butter on the surface where you want to roll out the brittle. A  large wooden cutting board works best. Butter the rolling pin as well. Roast the almonds in a 350 F warm oven for about 10 minutes, then  keep them warm.

Melt the powdered sugar slowly in a sturdy pot until it has a light amber colour. It will become bitter, if you let it get too dark. Do not stir the sugar while it is melting, that causes clumps.

Add the butter in small portions, so that you do not cool down the caramel too much. Add the cream of tartar and the almonds. Stir until the almonds are coated well.

Pour the brittle onto the prepared board and roll it out as thinly as possible. Let it cool and break it into smaller pieces.